Contact and Catenary Wire

Normally we don’t know Indian Railways trains run on major routes of India are powered by what? It is powered by electricity which is supplied through the overhead wire system. This overhead wire system is called a contact and catenary wire system. Wires through which current passes are called contact wire railway. Electrical power allows trains to move quickly. Changes in temperature of wires cause the catenary wire railway to expand and contract.

Normal movement of trains requires the proper maintenance of contact wires. Since in extreme cold / hot, the tension in supporting a system that supports the catenary wires increases / decreases tremendously. These fluctuations in tension system sometime cause failure in components of catenary system.

If the catenary wire damages services are required to be shut down, causing delay to the movement of passengers and goods. Victor Cables supply quality catenary and contact wire railway which cause minimum or no damage with such changes in temperature.

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